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Utilizing five essential pillars of development: Leadership, Entrepreneurship; Education, Technology and Innovation; Culture and Economic Inclusion attendees learn in real-time the strategies that lead to success. We plan to amplify the voices of career and entrepreneurial leaders—to share their stories of work and risk to success, social influence and power.  These real-time opportunities will continue through each and every touchpoint, from the morning of the first day to the close of the programming while providing additional opportunities for ongoing mentorship.

community pitch night

Community Pitch Night represents a regional convening of BIPOC game changers and wayward thinkers, disruptors inspired by possibility and impact.  The day will increase habits of success, uncover talents, enhance individual leadership and entrepreneurial skills, develop networking skills, influence career paths and much much more!


September 10, 2021

Details coming soon!

cvfac expo

The Cedar Valley Fashion, Art and Culture Expo ignites the spirit of African American culture in the heart of the Cedar Valley, one of the most culturally diverse cities in Iowa. The expo seeks to share rich and diverse expression via music, fashion and culture in an inclusive, vibrant and positive community festival setting. A diverse audience
will celebrate the abundant energy of music and art in an effort to cultivate community spirit and enhance the understanding and
appreciation of the diverse people in Iowa.

Sponsorship info is here.

opportunity accelerator

Kickoff September 11 2021 

Various Locations

Hosted by today’s most influential  business moguls, organizational leaders and inspiring entrepreneurs in dynamic enterprises, leaders convene to provide mentorship, experiential learning and career guidance to the next generation of diverse leaders during a six-week incubator style-accelerator.