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Why support SHIPHT? “A nation’s greatness is measured by how it treats its weakest members.” By investing in historically underrepresented communities in the region most affected, we uplift or SHIPHT us all.

Additionally, sponsoring SHIPHT presents a unique opportunity to reach an affluent and

trend-setting audience through a one-of-a-kind branding and marketing platform. The CVFAC Expo has rapidly become the
largest event catering to the African-American Community in the Cedar Valley.
Opportunities are available for companies in a variety of industries including travel, real estate, financial services, high-end automotive, art, jewelry and luxury products.


CVFAC Expo offers a number of sponsorship packages that can be tailored to your
organization’s individual needs and goals. By partnering with Cedar Valley Fashion Art and Culture Expo, your organization can:
Capitalize on a unique and innovative promotional platform
Build brand awareness on a global scale with a trend-setting and upscale audience
Gain valuable insight into the needs and wants of an early-adopting market segment
Cultivate profitable relationships through direct interaction with clients

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Andrew McCaskill, Nielsen’s Senior Vice President, Global Communications and
Multicultural Marketing, and long-time diversity advocate, breaks it down. “With 43% of the 75 million Millennials in the U.S. identifying as African American, Hispanic or Asian, if a brand doesn’t have a multicultural strategy, it doesn’t have a growth strategy,” he says.
Our target audience has a buying power of $1.3 trillion currently and based on gains in population, income and education, it’s estimated to rise to $1.54 trillion by 2022.
Promoting products during CVFAC Expo provides necessary beneficial exposure for your company’s brand. Companies that can clearly identify and promote products that address the unique needs of African-Americans can increase their presence and
market share. African Americans are early adopters of new technology and heavy users of social media and more likely to share your companies products and services with their friends.

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